Fundación Santuario Akumal, is created from the need to generate adequate spaces that give comprehensive attention to wild and exotic species that have been rescued, donated or threatened as a result of human actions, ensuring that they are reintroduced into their natural habitat when possible.

It works hand in hand with; Akumal Monkey Sanctuary & Rescued Animals, channeling those wild animals that cannot be reintroduced into their natural habitat, because they are conditioned to dependence and human conversion, so that they are provided permanent shelter in a framework of dignified, respectful and handling treatment adequate.

It helps to raise awareness about the importance of the preservation, conservation of the natural environment and the behavior of animals, through educational actions to groups of all ages, with special emphasis on girls, boys and adolescents, promoting research, observation and work of animal welfare and strengthening a deep respect for life. It promotes the ethical, ecological and cultural importance of protecting wild animals, in order to obtain better levels of quality of life from an ecosystem perspective whose parts are mutually affective and interdependent.


Our mission is to protect rescue and rehabilitate wildlife and animals in a vulnerable state by creating environments to provide a better quality of life by performing environmental education actions to create awareness and love for nature in Quintana Roo.


We are an institution recognized worldwide for its actions in the protection of biodiversity, which contributes significantly so that society can live in harmony with Nature.


“The technical, administrative or financial capacity of a human being is useless, if it lacks principles or ethical training” -Olalla J.

PASSION: We feel and transmit a deep love, commitment and enthusiasm in our projects, with the conviction of restoring to the greatest extent possible, the natural quality of life of the native wildlife and that exotic that has remained as in exile, outside of its natural context, without having asked for it. A passion that arouses consciences and promotes changes in attitude and behavior generating more responsible and honest behavior towards the care of the species and the environment.

RESPECT: We start from the premise of the importance of conservation of all animal and plant species, respect for life, freedom and to combat animal abuse and suffering. We feel, promote and educate on the basis of this respect, which means having a deep consideration of its characteristics, its needs, its environment of origin, its nature and its own history. We fight the indifference of people towards violence and abuse against animals, through the teaching of values, associated with respect for living beings and our environment. Innovation.

INNOVATION: We believe in innovation and in the approach of new strategies, using technological advances, new approaches, creative ideas for the protection, rescue, refuge and reintegration of those species of wild animals and their habitats that have been threatened or violated by the activity human We are innovative to protect the restoration and improvement of populations of endangered species through coordinated initiatives and actions at the international, national, regional and local levels based on scientific knowledge and effective resource management.

CONGRUENCE: We highly value the correspondence between our ideology and our actions, that is why we put effort into everything we do every day; Our activities, programs and relationships continuously reflect the love, interest and deep respect for animals. We believe that congruence is the basic element that drives and builds trust. We continually strengthen the link between what we do and what we say, which gives us the freedom to express without falling into contradictions.

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