Mexico is the second country in the Americas with the highest number of extinct and missing species in wildlife, according to the 2019 Red List of Threatened Species published each year by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The 20th century will not only be remembered for its great scientific and technological advances made in its time; It will also be remembered for the serious damage caused to the environment, climate change, water scarcity, loss of biodiversity, pollution…

These are just some of the environmental problems that we will have to deal with in the coming years.

For this reason, it is essential that the present and the future be marked by a vision of sustainable development and by the active participation of society in the care and protection of nature.

Together we can achieve this and guarantee the well-being of our species!


Protect, rescue and rehabilitate wildlife and endangered animals, by creating habitats that provide a better quality of life. Provide environmental education in order to create awareness and love for nature. 


Our vision is to be a worldwide recognized institution for its actions towards the protection of biodiversity, supporting our society to live in harmony with the environment. 



We feel and transmit a deep love, commitment and enthusiasm in our projects, with the conviction of restoring, as much as possible, the quality of natural life of native wildlife and that exotic fauna that has been left as in exile, outside of its natural context, without asking for it. A passion that awakens consciences and encourages changes in attitude and behavior, generating more responsible and honest behaviors towards caring for species and the environment.


We start from the premise of the importance of conservation of all animal and plant species, respect for life, freedom and combat the abuse and suffering of animals. We feel, promote and educate on the basis of this respect, which means having a deep consideration of their characteristics, their needs, their environment of origin, their nature and their own history. We fight people’s indifference towards violence and mistreatment against animals, by teaching values, associated with respect for living beings and our environment.


We believe in innovation and in proposing new strategies, using technological advances, new approaches, creative ideas for the protection, rescue, shelter and reintegration of those wild animal species and their habitats that have been threatened or violated by the activity. human. We are innovative to protect, restore and improve the populations of threatened species through coordinated initiatives and actions at the international, national, regional and local levels based on scientific knowledge and effective resource management.


We highly value the correspondence between our ideology and our actions, that is why we endeavor to ensure that everything we do every day; Our activities, programs and relationships continually reflect the love, concern and deep respect for animals. We consider congruence to be the basic element that drives and builds trust. We continuously strengthen the link that exists between what we do and what we say, which gives us the freedom to express ourselves without falling into contradictions.


We apply a strong dose of perseverance to all our work since we consider that learning to respect, conserve and preserve the life of wild animals is a process of continuous education that requires perseverance, patience and determination. We are aware that animal life is part of a network of species in which each species has its role in the ecosystem. Understanding, promoting and accompanying the processes of animal life requires perseverance and determination, that is why we strengthen ourselves in the conviction that we will achieve our mission and visualize ourselves fully realized in our vision.

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